Our History

Our Past

Bring Good News was founded in 2001 by Gil Lozada.  The ministry was born out of his passion to reach unreached people groups.  For a number of years BGN was under the direction of South Nassau Christian Church in Baldwin, New York.

Under Gil’s leadership, BGN partnered with national-led ministries and indigenous church workers to bring the gospel to unreached people groups.  This was accomplished through church planting, discipleship efforts, and meeting physical needs in the name of Jesus.  BGN has partnered with ministries in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Tibet, Egypt, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Our Present

In 2013 Rick Wolford assumed the leadership of BGN.  The ministry is now as an independent mission organization.  The name has been changed to Bring Good News International and we are now organized as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Indiana.  We are currently seeking our 501(c)(3) status as an IRS tax-exempt charitable organization.

As an independent mission organization, Bring Good News International is led by a five-member board of directors.  Those currently serving on the board are:

Rick Wolford – Rick has a bachelor’s degree in ministry from Lincoln Christian University, a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Indianapolis and a master’s degree in nursing from Indiana University.  He has held positions as a minister, registered nurse, and mission agency executive.  He currently works as a Patient Care Coordinator at Community Heart and Vascular Hospital in Indianapolis, IN.  Rick enjoys spending time with his family and running.  He has been married to Kay for 39 years and they have two children and three grandchildren.  Rick serves as the President of the Bring Good News International Board of Directors.

Jeremiah McLeod – Jeremiah holds an associate’s degree in Biology from Dayton State College and a bachelor’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Intercultural Studies from Johnson University.  He currently is a self-employed business consultant.  Prior to this he served as Vice President and Partner at Blackwell & Associates Land Surveyors.  Jeremiah and his wife, Courtney, have two children.  He enjoys volunteering at his church, serving on the Knoxville Volunteer Water Rescue Squad, and hiking with his family. Jeremiah serves as the Secretary of the Bring Good News International Board of Directors.

Jamie Stuber – Jamie holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.  He has worked at Remy International for the past 18 years with various roles in engineering and purchasing.  He is currently a Product Line Manager.  Jamie enjoys time with his family, hiking and running, and helping at his church.  He has been married to Mary Ellen for 15 years and they have three children, ages 11, 9, and 6. Jamie serves as the Treasurer of the Bring Good News International Board of Directors.

Gil Lozada – Gil earned an MBA degree from St. Johns University, New York and a BSBA degree from the University of the Philippines.  Gil worked for the Economic Development Administration of Puerto Rico as Director of Targeting (identifying US companies suitable to expand operations to Puerto Rico to alleviate the island’s high rate of unemployment).  Gil is married to Velvet Lozada and they have two sons – Ian (married to Kristina) and Timothy (married to Nadia). Ian and Kristina have three children – Caroline, Declan and Audrey.

Aaron Carmichael – Aaron currently serves as the Vice President of Fund Development of the Indiana Youth Institute.  Aaron is a graduate of Indiana University and Abilene Christian University.  He has held development and nonprofit leadership roles for more than 13 years, serving organizations such as The Ronald McDonald House of Indiana, SAT-7, and The Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana.  Additionally, Aaron has been a youth minister, an investigator for Child Protective Services, and has traveled extensively, serving the impoverished in the most underdeveloped parts of the world.  Aaron is the proud father of three daughters.  He loves spending his time leading youth theatre, traveling with his family, and attending his daughters’ soccer games, concerts, recitals and track meets.  Aaron also enjoys working outdoors, camping, hiking and whatever affords him time with his family.

Our Future

While the leadership and address of BGN has changed, the ministry continues its strong commitment to bringing the good news of Christ to the unreached wherever the Lord may lead. Our plan is to continue to develop our relationships with our current partners as well as expand into new areas of service.  Partnerships with ministries in Central America and West Africa are being explored.  As the ministry expands, our passion to reach the lost will not diminish.  We will continue to be involved in church planting, discipleship efforts, and meeting physical needs in the name of Jesus.


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  1. James Garfield was our twentieth (20th) President! Also, left out of Garfield’s quote is: To this table we neither invite nor bar; we say it is the Lord’s Table for all the Lord’s children.

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