About BGNi

“Bring Good News International exists to transform lives for Christ among the unreached through effective evangelism, discipleship, and community development efforts.”

Our Goal: “transform lives for Christ”.  Our goal is not just to convert someone to Christ or simply meet physical needs. Our ultimate goal is the transformation of lives and communities for Christ.  Transformation involves a change in the very nature of a person or a community from sin and selfishness to salvation and grace.

Our Target Audience: “among the unreached”.  BGNi seeks to reach out to unreached people groups as well as minister in areas where there is little, if any, access to hearing the Gospel message.

Our Methodology: “effective evangelism, discipleship, and community development”.  We believe in using a wholistic approach to transforming lives for Christ.  This approach involves a seamless blending of meeting spiritual and physical needs to transform others for Christ.

Jesus Christ is the model for our ministry.  We seek to follow His pattern of reaching out to the whole person to meet whatever need was present.  This wholistic approach of Jesus is exemplified in Matthew 4:23, “Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people.”

  • Teaching = Discipleship
  • Preaching = Evangelism
  • Healing = Meeting physical needs (Community Development)

Our Programs:  Our mission is currently carried out through:

  • Support for national pastors, church planters, and community workers in developing countries.

We assist national Christians to engage in teaching and preaching God’s word to reach the lost and establish local churches that can subsequently evangelize their people.

  • Short-term mission trips that involve hands-on outreach, as well as training of nationals.

We mobilize short-term teams to conduct medical camps, teaching and evangelism, and leadership training for national workers.

  • Disaster relief and community development projects in areas where we minister.

We provide assistance and training to our ministry partners to enable them to reach out with the love of Christ to those in need.


2 thoughts on “About BGNi”

  1. Greetings brothers Gil Lozada and Rick Wolford. This is from George Drake. I have a number of questions for each of you and need to communicate with you both very soon. Would you please email me at drakegeorge@yahoo.com. Please also provide your phone numbers. You can reach me in Louisville, KY at 502-458-6550. Thanks.

    Psalm 62:7-8,


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