Introducing the Pastors Motorbike Project

Dear Friends of Bring Good News International,

negros_orientalAllow me to introduce to you Pastor Alvin. He serves the Sibulan Church of Christ in the Negros Oriental District in the Philippines.  Like any good pastor, he visits the sick in his congregation.  He reaches out to those interested in accepting Christ.  He assists those in need.  Pastor Alvin loves Jesus and wants to serve Him to his fullest, but is hindered in his effectiveness by a lack of transportation.  Currently Pastor Alvin must either walk, use public transportation, or ride a bicycle to visit those who need his care.  Access to dependable transportation would greatly increase his ability to pastor his flock.

There are many other pastors and church planters just like Alvin, seeking to serve Jesus but hindered by a lack of effective transportation.  This is why Bring Good News has started the Pastors Motorbike Project.  Motorbikes are a popular form of transportation in the areas where BGNi works.  For approximately $1200, a good, dependable motorbike can be purchased.  We already have a waiting list of 13 pastors requesting a motorbike to expand their ministry.  Our goal is to provide all 13 of these pastors with motorbikes.

Pastor Aung received this motorbike to aide his efforts evangelizing in Myanmar through BGNi initiatives.
Pastor Aung received this motorbike to aide his efforts evangelizing in Myanmar through BGNi initiatives.

In this season of giving, I’m humbly asking you to partner with us to help dedicated pastors expand their ministry and increase their effectiveness by providing them a motorbike.  Please know that 100% of your donation designated for the “Pastors Motorbike Project” will go towards the purchase of these much needed motorbikes.  As a convenience for you, BGNi now has two easy ways you can provide a donation right now.

Thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with us in the Pastors Motorbike Project!

Spreading His good news,

Rick Wolford



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