Parting is such sweet sorrow

We received word this Sunday evening that our good friend and partner, Deepak Dhingra, went home to his reward after a short illness.  We know that for Deepak, that he enters into glory, but we still feel the loss of his companionship and passion for the Gospel.  We ask you to lift up his wife Simmi and their four children in their time of grief, and that God raises up even more workers to stand in Deepak’s place.

BGNi founder Gil Lozada had this to say about Deepak’s passing:

It saddened me very much to hear of Deepak’s departure from our midst to be with our Lord in heaven.

My initial reaction was that he was so young to leave us so soon. He answered God’s call with fervor to be a sower of love and truth to his people. Deepak was used by God mightily to advance his kingdom especially in North India. Deepak’s dedication to follow Jesus’ great commission was so admirable when he confided that his waking hours were consumed with how he could glorify God through the fulfillment of the vision the Lord gave him. (By the way, his day started at five in the morning until late in the night building relationships with the leaders he was training and solving problems with them.) Indeed, he had so much energy that he invested to the Lord’s work.

However, I thought there is much to rejoice for what was accomplished, especially the eternal life for the thousands of people who came to the Lord because Deepak shared his life with them… such a blessing, more than we can imagine. From Deepak’s legacy, my hope is that his wife, Simmi, and their four children will continue to be blessed and be a blessing to more people in India. Please pray for them to make it so.

Rick Wolford and Ian Lozada were able to spend time with Deepak last month at the International Conference on Missions.  Deepak has been a great encouragement to us during this transition, and it meant so much to sit with him and talk about his work and about our place in that work.  The very last time that Ian saw Deepak, he recorded a short video message of encouragement for our founder, Gil Lozada.

We thank God for sharing Deepak with us over the years.  We pray that when we see our brother next, we’ll have plenty to tell him of how we helped God continue the work in the Punjab.


The following is the email we received from Martha Emmerson, North India Christian Mission forwarding agent, including the email she received from Pastor James of NICM:

It is with great sadness that we forward this message from Pastor James about our loss of Deepak Dhingra. Please open this post to read the entire letter. This is a very sad time for all involved in the mission but especially Simmi and family. Please keep them covered in prayer. The boys (Deepak’s sons) are on their way to India, please pray for their safe travel.

Martha for the U.S. Board of NICM

The note from Pastor James:
Dear friends,

I, Chairperson of NICM Chandigarh, India with great grief announce to you all the sudden demise of Pr. Deepak Dhingra yesterday evening at around 8:30 pm. He was admitted to the hospital for a viral infection thereafter he went on ventilator for loss of breath and severe chest congestion. With all the resources at hand, the doctors did their part round the clock but it was God’s will to call him back to His heavenly abode. He now rests in God till His second coming to lift up His loved ones.

The funeral service has been decided for Wednesday as per the arrival of all relatives friends and associates. I would like to request you once again to remember the Dhingra family in your prayers as you had been doing in our times of need when we needed them most. Last, but not the least, I would like to thank all our workers, friends, believers, well-wishers and supporters who stood by the Dhingras to a call given out by God to,“Reach out to the lost at any cost” and we will move forward as a vision given by God to Pr. Deepak Dhingra.

Pastor James


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