New prayer request UPDATED 11.30

This prayer request concerning BGNi partner Deepak Dhingra just came in from Martha Emmerson, forwarding agent for North India Christian Mission:

I have just received word form Simmi (Deepak’s wife) that Deepak is in the ICU with a serious lung infection.  Please pray for him that the medicines the doctors are giving him will remove the infection.  I was told that when he got home from ICOM he and Dr. Soni started to do medical clinics and soon after that Deepak became very ill.  They don’t know what the infection is and it will take about another 48 hours to culture.  Please pray for him and the family there in India.

I will let you know when I get an update.
Martha Emmerson
We will continue to keep you updated as we hear more.
UPDATE: This just came in from Simmi Dhingra:
Deepak is in the hospital in ICU. The doctor says he got a very serious infection in his chest — may be due to Pneumonia. The test report we still have to wait for another 24 hours. But they have started his treatment with heavy antibiotics.
I will keep you inform about his condition and also about the test report.
We know that our God is a great God and he is always with his children and he is our hope our strength. Keep us in your prayers and I will keep you updated on his condition.
Love you
Martha Emmerson passed this on to us today:

I just received a call from Simmi to update us about Deepak.  He really needs your prayers at this time.  He is still in the ICU and the doctors are putting him on a ventilator to lessen the stress to his body.  Simmi said the doctors think he may have gotten the virus during his trip home from the US where he had been attending the missionary conference in Kansas City.

Please be in prayer for Deepak’s healing that the doctors will have the wisdom needed to treat this virus. Also, please pray for Simmi to have the strength she needs at this time and for her to have the peace that only Jesus can give.  I will update you when I receive more information.  Keep praying – our God is strong and He is the great physician.
Martha Emmerson

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