Our latest video: “Legacy”

We’re coming off a great weekend of having Gil Lozada and Rick Wolford out on the road together in New York, New Jersey and Maryland talking to our partners about what Bring Good News has been and where it’s going right now.  Our main idea we want to push out to all of our supporters is that we treasure what Bring Good News is: a fantastic ministry that seeks to be a tool for God’s people to support local churches in the areas of the world that the Gospel has had the least foothold.  We also want you to know while the organizational structure of Bring Good News is changing, we believe now more than ever in that.  We intend to keep supporting the same partners in the same countries, and hopefully add even more partners as the Lord directs us.

We think the video above underlines that, and we’re hoping you’ll take three minutes out of your day to watch it, then take a little more time to lift up Rick, Gil, and all our partners both here and abroad, lift them up in prayer as we seek God’s guidance in the months ahead.  We’re also hoping to see many of you in Kansas City at the International Conference on Missions in November!


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