Hurricane Sandy update…

As many of you know, Gil and Velvet live in Long Beach, NY, one of the cities hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy on Long Island.  The city is in horrid shape, with mandatory evacuations still in force after the storm, as there is no power or water, sewage is everywhere.  A number of homes burned in the East End of town, and pieces of the boardwalk can be seen everywhere.

Gil and Velvet have been staying with family about 20 minutes inland and are safe, but their home is damaged, with their furnace and hot water heater destroyed and not covered by their insurance.  There’s about 3 feet of water still in their crawlspace, but the waters mercifully receded 2 inches short of their 1st floor, sparing their belongings.  Many of their neighbors lost much more, including the couple across the street who had a tree fall on their car, which would have been a loss anyway after the flooding got it.

Their home church, South Nassau Christian Church, was even harder hit, as it sits right on the canal.  A dock belonging to the church was smashed, although Tim Lozada’s boat was largely spared.  The church building was inundated by the water, with about 3 feet of water getting into the sanctuary and other spaces.  The carpets, possibly the chairs, and most of the educational supplies were a loss.  35 Bibles will have to be thrown out, the drums got caught in this, and some of the public address amplifiers.  It’s unlikely we’ll be able to have services there this week, probably next week as well.

Please keep all of us on the South Shore in your prayers.  Photos to follow.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy update…”

  1. This would be a great platform to post needs so other churches out of the area can respond accordingly. Thanks for the update and glad you are both safe.

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