Looking Ahead: India-Pakistan Trip 2012


Dear Friends,

Time is fleeting – a bit fast for me.   Here I am getting ready for a journey to Pakistan and India, God willing, starting on September 16 and returning home on October 16, 2012.  We have 10 days each to work alongside with our mission partners in Pakistan (with Pakistan Christian Evangelical Service), in North India (with North India Christian Mission) and in South India (with Christian Mission of South India).


In Pakistan, we usually conduct medical and eye camps in a rapid pace at churches in Lahore and Kasur regions each day, often times with 2 or 3 villages gathered at each site.  Generous financial assistance from International Disaster Emergency Service will enable us to travel to Sindh province (southern Pakistan) to bring relief goods for victims of extreme flooding that caused much death and damage to the poor people, their homes, crops and livestock.


In North India, our mission activities will take us to garbage dumpsites, churches in poor neighborhoods, and this time, to a leprosy village – to provide medical aid, to assist with the feeding program, to teach children at school who receive free education and to encourage local evangelists who minister at these sites.


In South India, we work with an unreached tribal people known as the Yanadis (about 6 million people) in Andhra Pradesh, where less than 1 percent has heard the gospel.  The Yanadi tribe is described as socially oppressed, economically exploited and religiously discriminated. We come alongside the evangelists in serving them through medical clinics, teaching and assistance to children’s health and education.

Whether in Pakistan or in India, the poor are totally neglected from society. Now, time is of the essence.  Time is fleeting.  We do the best we can with the resources we can gather to help the needy.  We need your partnership to bring God’s blessing to the poor in their hour of need.  Would you prayerfully consider extending a loving hand to the physically and spiritually poor?  Proverbs 14: 21 says, “… Blessed is he who is kind to the needy.”  Thank you so much.   To God be the glory!

Your coworker in Christ,

Gil Lozada

To donate:

Bring Good News

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Baldwin, NY 11510


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