Thailand Field Update, March 2012

Gil is traveling from Thailand to Myanmar (Burma) today. Here is a report he passed on by email yesterday:

We finished 6 clinics , helping some 700 people from three tribal groups. I was an assistant nurse doing the blood pressure readings using the digital BP meter. Dr. Titus Bantiles, our mission partner in the Philippines, helped us much and he will be going home shortly. We will have Sunday service tomorrow and then fly to Myanmar. The leaders here stated that the clinics have been a great help to the people and also to ther ministry to reaching out to the tribal people. We slept in the homes of the local residents in the last 3 nights.

We were able to help the Lisu Bible Institute buy a refrigirator, construct a western bathroom facility in the village where we stayed and provided funds to install electricity to the church in the village.

Healthwise, we have been well. Virgilio and Esther de los Santos had planned well their medical clinics and the logistics, including bringing pots and pans, water, food for the team. They have been very gracious hosts to us all. The two men who joined us on this trip (first timers) really were excited with the trip and they contribute much in evangelizing aspects of the trip.


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