Formal report from 2011 India Pakistan trip

Mission Trip to India and Pakistan, October 2011
India – God blessed our mission trip to North and South India with the baptism of 70 people, and 8 opportunities for preaching and storytelling to 2 groups of children in the slum areas in Punjab province.  We also conducted 60 medical camps that served over 14,500 patients. In addition, we helped distribute 200 school uniforms and backpacks provided by International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) to school children and participated in the feeding programs for the indigent, also sponsored by IDES.  Praise the Lord.

Pakistan – The official report in Pakistan stated that the flood affected 8 million people and 1.5 million houses were destroyed in 2011.  Torrential rains fell in the districts where the poorest of the poor live. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced.

More than 50% of the population in Sindh Province lives in mud houses; 35 % live in one-room houses.  The average family size is 9 persons.  Some 3,800 poor people who lived in 8 districts and towns were blessed through the eye clinics, medical camps and distribution of food.  The people most affected in Sindh and who received relief goods were the Hindus (65 %), Christians (20%) and Muslims (15%).  Six “untouchable” Hindus expressed their desire to accept Jesus as their Lord and their Savior. Unfortunately, there’s still much need for food, clean water, medicine, warm blankets, mosquito nets, kitchenware and tents.  Please contact Bring Good News if you wish to help address their plight.

Prayer concerns
India – Pray for the Christian pastors, workers and the church body for protection against persecution from extremists.  Pray for continued blessings in establishing God’s kingdom in the northern and southern India. Our two partners in India want to construct additional churches in their respective areas. The construction cost is in the range of  $5000 to $10,000 per church, depending on size of the congregation.

Pakistan – Pray that additional resources can be sent to meet the needs in Pakistan.  Pray that the victims of the flooding in Sindh will realize that the Lord is a loving God who cares for them. Pray too for the Christians, the church leaders and their families, that they can overcome the difficulties they face daily. Furthermore, pray especially for their protection from persecution and discrimination.


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