Looking Ahead, India Pakistan trip 2011

We want to keep you abreast of the medical mission trips we will be undertaking, starting on September 22 through October 24, 2011.  Our itinerary will consist of 10 days in southern India (in Andhra Pradesh and in Tamil Nadu) among the Yanadi people; 10 days in northern India in Haryana, Punjab and Hamachal Pradesh (among the Sikh and Hindi-speaking people) and finally to Pakistan in Lahore, Kasur and Sindh region.

On our India/Pakistan trip last year, we conducted 64 medical clinics and served over 14,900 patients in India and Pakistan.  We also provided relief supplies to about 1,800 families in Pakistan’s Sindh State, which was hard hit by a typhoon and subsequent flooding last year, among the worst occurrences of flooding in Pakistani history.

The people we interact with in southern India are predominantly tribal people who eke out a living by gathering firewood, wild fruits and herbs, or work as tenant laborers, or herd sheep and/or goats.  Needless to say, they are very poor and mostly uneducated.  In northern India, our mission partner concentrates their evangelistic efforts among the Sikhs (a religious system that attempts a peaceful harmony between the Hindu and Islamic adherents); scavengers in garbage dumps, people who live in shanty village, tenant laborers and the poor people in rural areas.

Our coworkers in Pakistan focus on the many poor sectors in Lahore City (we now have 5 churches) and the gypsies (processional beggars). In Kasur region, many families work making bricks (for $3 a day), others are farmers or tend sheep and goats. We will be going back to Sindh State to continue the work begun after last year’s floods.  Many areas are desert and people live at a subsistence level, generally impoverished. Moreover, we were informed that the deadly dengue fever is spreading right now in Pakistan.

The situation is dire; people are suffering and fearful.  Regardless of their religious belief, the poor turn to those who offer relief and assistance – whatever is available to them such as medical treatment, medicine, food, mosquito nets, hand-held water pumps, materials and household supplies.  When we do missions trips, one of the most important gifts of grace we bring is hope and a perception of God’s love for those in physical and spiritual need.  Would you prayerfully consider how you might extend the love of Christ to these indigent people?

If you would like to send a monetary gift, please send it to Bring Good News c/o South Nassau Christian Church, 3147 Eastern Parkway, Baldwin, NY 11510.  Your gift will help lift their spirits, provide hope, and instill the joy that comes from God.  Thank you so much and may God’s blessings be with you.

Grace and peace to you.

–Gil Lozada


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