Bring Good News Update, July 2011


Bring Good News, china, evangelism, missionsFor the first time, Bible training for Christian lay leaders in Lijiang, Yunnan Province was conducted. Up to 97 attendees from 12 registered churches participated the 8 days sessions.  The students included Lisu, Tibetan, and Naxi people groups. The students were visibly eager to learn God’s word. They also learned new songs which they sang and danced at the closing program. The RAB (Religious Affairs Bureau) of China had approved this religious activity. Some RAB officials attended the closing program and enjoyed the special meal prepared for the occasion. The leaders extended the invitation for us to come next year to do more training for their people. Praise God.


In our 10-day medical mission our teams in Shan State and Kachin State served 2,447 patients at 12 clinics.  Through our partnership with International Disaster Emergency Services, $7,100 worth of medicine, Bibles and gifts to poor villages were shared with 7 tribal peoples in the two states in Myanmar.  There were at least 25 people who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Tribal leaders at two villages requested Bibles and evangelists who can help them understand God’s word.  Moreover, a door was opened to our first planted Palaung Christian Church to purchase a 2-acre property where a church building, 4 family homes, vegetable garden and a cemetery for Christians can be put together providing peace and security to the believers.  They are praying that a church or someone’s heart may be touched by God’s Spirit to give a gift of $1,600 which will enable them to worship and live without fear in this Buddhist-dominated country.


Three young people from Louisiana, on fire for the Lord, joined our medical team in Thailand and Myanmar. It’s refreshing to note that they not only performed superbly at the 8 medical clinics (that served 610 patients) but in addition prayed for their patients, evangelized, taught children and preached to those willing to listen. The medical team also distributed Bibles and teaching materials to church leaders (including to a monk in charge of a Buddhist monastery) who hosted the clinics. A village church and a Children Center will also benefit from two water tanks Bring Good News provided that will assure safe drinking water.

Myanmar tribal people accepted Jesus Christ as Lord.


Missionary prays for monastery’s head monk in Thailand.


Two medical teams worked separately in two regions in the Island of Mindoro in the Philippines last April.  A total of 3,100 poor people at 11 medical camps were examined/treated and received free medicine and Bibles. Moreover, relief goods for victims of devastating typhoons late last year were delivered to 664 families. The people were jubilant and grateful for prayers answered and for the unexpected medical service they received (medical, dental, optical and laboratory, including sugar testing and blood typing). IDES, US, and IDES, Canada, were our generous partners in his medical projects. Praise the Lord for their ministries.


Our plan to visit Lhasa, Tibet and to other specific sites related to our efforts to glorify God was put on hold.  The key worker who was to lead our team in Tibet had to excuse himself the day we were to fly to Lhasa. His wife had an emergency surgery, to save her life, due to an ectopic pregnancy. We provided $1,200 towards the cost of the operation. She is now recovering nicely. We have two evangelists working among Tibetan people in China. Seven Tibetan lay leaders participated in the Bible training held in the Lijiang area. God willing, next year we plan to visit certain places in Tibet to honor the Lord Jesus. The China/Tibet mission was encouraging to the people we visited and for us as well. Please pray for us to discern the Spirit’s guidance and direction and for his power to soften peoples’ hearts to respond to God’s call.


As the Lord touches your heart and mind to help Jesus Christ become known globally especially among the unreached peoples, please consider partnering with Bring Good News whose primary goal is to bring glory to God through planting churches, assisting our mission partners to expand their outreach to the unsaved and to bring short term missionaries to be witnesses of God’s love to the unsaved.


Please send your gifts or checks, payable to Bring Good News c/o South Nassau Christian Church, 3147 Eastern Parkway, Baldwin, NY 11561, an IRS-recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Thank you so much for your concern for the lost and your love for God and his Son, Jesus Christ.

Relief goods distribution to 664 families, victims of devastating typhoons in Mindoro, Philippines.
Tibetan and Chinese leaders in Shangri-La, Tibet.

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